Cass County Soil and Water Conservation District

Assistance Available

The Cass County Soil and Water Conservation District offers cost-share assistance at approximately 75 percent of the state average cost for the following practices:

Permanent Vegetative Establishment

Terrace System

Terrace System with Tile


Sod Waterways

Water Impoundment Reservoir

Sediment Retention Erosion or Water Control Structure

Woodland Protection through Livestock Exclusion

Field Border

Filter Strip

Use Exclusion

Planned Grazing System

(Water Developement/Distribution, Fence, Lime, Legume Seed)

No-Tillage System

Nutrient Mangement

Pest Management

Waste Utilization

Well Decommissioning

Cover Crops

And Others


Please feel free to stop in the Cass County USDA building for more information on the above practices. The SWCD office is located at 1000 W. Wall Street in Harrisonville, MO.


Beginning July 1, 2008, all of the SWCD cost share must be direct deposited into the landowner's bank account.

The following Vendor form is provided here for your convenience. It is required to complete contracting.

Vendor Input/ACH/EFT Form PDF Fill in 300-1489, available from the State of Missouri website.

** Please note: Lines titled "Date of Change" through "Previous Address" are only to be filled out if there has been a change in your information.

Please return completed forms to the district office.  If you have questions please call us at (816)884-3391 or visit us at the office.